Principal's Sunday Message

Good evening Pershing Parents and families, This is your principal, Susan Levy, with announcements for the week of November 15th. 

Wow! There are so many great things going on at Pershing this week. On Friday I sent out the links to our amazing and new event; The Multicultural Virtual Art Show! Encourage your student artist to participate in Pershing’s first Virtual Multicultural Art Show. Every student who participates is entered into a drawing to win prizes! Submissions are due by December 7. You can find all the details here: I hope your student is hard at work designing a beautiful piece of art. Please make sure your student sees the information so that he/she can participate! It’s going to be really cool! 

As you know, the Fall Fundraiser is underway! If you haven’t done so, please register your student at This fundraiser is completely online. All you have to do is register and send out your student’s link to family and friends. Proceeds go to the Pershing Foundation, which gives stipends to our teachers, funds the library, pay for campus improvements, and sponsors school events. Good news! The winner of the 5 lb. bag of Gummy Bears is Haley Contreras! And the $100 in cash winner is Gianna Rodriguez!! See the spinning wheel below!!  All of our students can continue to win prizes. Please make sure you and your student are Signing up and Sharing (that’s  important in order for your student to win prizes) to order great items, get others to order, and then qualify for cool prizes

See the Spinning Wheel: 

Another great Pershing Foundation opportunity awaits!!!  Please support our Foundation by Picking up dinner this week at Nicolosi’s on November 17 from 4 – 8 p.m. Nicolosi’s is located at 7005 Navajo Road. 15% of all sales will be donated to the Pershing Middle School Foundation. And the food is great! Enjoy your dinner and support our school at the same time!!! Enjoy! 

This coming Wednesday, November 18th is our next Coffee With the Principal from 8:30 to 9:30. Please stop by and enjoy some time with other parents and have an opportunity to see what’s happening at Pershing. The zoom link will be sent out that morning. 

This coming Wednesday is also the next Foundation Meeting at 6:30pm. . Parents who have already attended meetings this school year will be automatically sent the November link. If you would like to attend, just send an email to request the link to

Every year, during the week before Thanksgiving, our students participate in the "Turkey Trot". Typically, when we were at school, students who improved their mile run times were entered into the drawing for a Thanksgiving Turkey, sponsored by our Foundation. This year is an exception, as you know. So, we are going to just draw 6 names; 2 from each grade level to win a turkey, with no running required! The drawing will be on Wednesday, November 18th. Thank you to our Foundation for providing the turkeys which will be available for pick up on Friday, November 20th from 9:00am to 2:00pm. I will send out a School Messenger email to let you know who the winners are. 

The last day for students before the Thanksgiving recess is Friday November 20th. And we are going to have a fun day! ASB is sponsoring the “Ultimate Tourist” day.  Students should dress like a tourist, change their zoom background to show they are at the beach, and have fun!!! Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses!

We wish everyone a wonderful week off, and a very happy Thanksgiving. I want to personally give thanks to our awesome, hard-working teachers and staff, to all of our parents and families, and most of all to our valiant, brave, and courageous students who amaze us every day!

On behalf of the faculty and staff at Pershing Middle School, I wish you a great evening and a wonderful week ahead. The next announcements will be on Sunday, November 29th. (unless there is something important you need to know!!)


Previous week's message:

Good evening Pershing parents and families. This is your principal, Susan Levy, with announcements for the week of November 8th. 
I hope you are enjoying the rain showers this weekend! We definitely needed a little rain. 

Below, you will see a letter that was written to parents by our school district. It concerns Standard Based Grading. Please read the letter and notice the bold print around the two specific goals for this year. This is a two-year process, adopted by our School Board. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 
Dear Pershing Families,

October 13, 2020, our board adopted a standards-based grading policy. The implementation of this will be a gradual process in order to align our school site policies to the revised grading policy. For this school year, educators are being asked to focus on the following key elements:

1.  Removing nonacademic factors from the academic grade
2.  Providing opportunities for revision and reassessment

Site leaders will collaborate with their department or grade-level teams to remove non-academic factors from the academic grade and also provide opportunities for revision and reassessment starting with Quarter 2.
Over the next few weeks, educators will communicate with families the type, frequency, and timeframe for revisions and reassessments. Sites, departments and grade-level teams will determine which assignments can be revised or reassessed in order to provide students with more than one opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the content-area standards. Due dates for class assignments, late submissions, revisions and reassessments will also be established in order to give educators enough time to enter assignments into the final grade.
We realize there are many questions around the updated grading policy and how it will affect your student’s grades. In the upcoming weeks, schools will communicate directly with their students and families regarding any shifts that will take place for Quarter 2 and beyond. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work together to support all of our students and families during this transition.
Mr. Hawthorne, our VP, would like to remind you to tell your students that they need to “shut down” their computers every night to update the information in the computer. This is very important, and often the cause of the computer not working properly, is a result of not shutting down regularly 

Another reminder. We are currently in the Choice Program window. If you have moved out of the PERSHING area and need to apply for the Choice program, you must do so immediately. Keep in mind that if you move out of the SDUSD, such as La Mesa, Spring Valley, El Cajon or other areas, you MUST also apply for an Inter-district Transfer. That is very important. 

Tomorrow, Monday, November 9th we will be sending out our annual Pershing Foundation Fundraiser from Cherrydale Farms. The fundraiser this year is all virtual and it looks great! You will receive links to various sites that will provide information about products and prizes and explain how you can participate. Our Foundation provides additional funds for teacher items, student fun days, and many other activities at Pershing. Please take a look at the information and order some great items as your student chooses terrific prizes that he/she can win! The best part is that all items will ship to your home or whoever you sell to!  More info tomorrow. 

Just a reminder that our new “Virtual Multicultural Art Show” parent committee is hard at work and we will be sending out information on how your student can participate in an exciting event. This “fun-raiser” will be exciting for all of our students. Artistic entries can range from paintings to dance to other forms of art inspired by a talented group of artists from around the world. Look for more details this coming Friday, November13th 

Students should already have gotten to know their Quarter 2 teachers and are beginning the work that will last until January when Quarter 3 begins. Please make sure you email your student’s teachers if you have any questions about assignments etc. Power School is your best way to ensure that your students are turning in work and staying on top of the class requirements. Please check Power School at least once a week if not more often.

The Little Mermaid rehearsals are going well, however, it will be necessary to start breaking the show up in scenes. Students in a particular scene will receive information about their rehearsal schedule as we move forward. If your student is not rehearsing this week, it is because the scenes they are in, are not being rehearsed. Look for specific information tomorrow. 

•  The Pershing SSC and Governance teams will be meeting tomorrow, Monday, at 1:30pm. 
•   Don’t forget that this Wednesday is Veterans Day and school will be closed. 
•   The Henry Cluster Council will meet with coming Thursday at 4:30pm. 
•   The next “Coffee With The Principal” will be on November 18th at 8:30am
•   School will be closed for Thanksgiving Break from November 23rd through November 27th. School will resume on November 30th

On behalf of faculty and staff at Pershing Middle School, I wish you a great evening and a wonderful week ahead. 

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