Safe & Civil School


1. Students must follow the directions of all school staff members at all times.

2. Students must stay under the supervision of an adult at all times.

a. Students must be in the classroom and ready to work when each period begins.
b. Students must stay behind the yellow lines before school and during lunch.
c. Dismissal is at 2:50 - NO child may wait for a ride on school property after 3:10.

d. After school, ALL students must be in a classroom or with Primetime staff.

e. No student may stay at school unless he/she has been accepted to Primetime or has a pass from a teacher to stay for tutoring.

f. Students must have a hall pass (found in the student planner) whenever out of class, including after school.

3. Students must respect the rights of other students and the rights of teachers.

a. Students are expected to contribute to an orderly, respectful work environment in the classroom.

b. Students may not touch the possessions of others without permission.

c. Students must use positive language when speaking at all times.

d. Students are expected to take turns, wait in line patiently while at lunch, and be respectful of each other and the school.

e. Helping others is always appreciated.

4. Students must keep our campus clean.

a. No food or drinks in the classroom, during passing or on the field.

b. Students may carry water with them during the day.

5. Cell phones must be turned completely off during school hours.

a. Students needing to call home can call from the main office after asking their teacher for a pass.

b. Parents and students should not be texting during the school day. Messages can be given to the student via office staff.

6. Toys and entertainment devices

a. Electronic games and devices are not permitted during school hours.

b. Bicycles, skateboards and scooters may not be ridden on campus or in front of the school and must be stored appropriately in the school office. Helmets are required.

c. Balls may be played with only on the upper fields or PE courts.

d. Students may not play games such as tackle football unless they are using approved safety equipment and under the direction of adults.

7. Markers: Students may not have felt tip markers at school.


Under California law the following behaviors may result in suspension, expulsion or other disciplinary actions:
  • Assaults/Battery/Mutual Combat
  • Weapons/Explosives/Dangerous Objects/Imitation Firearms
  • Controlled/Prohibited Substances
  • Substance in Lieu of Controlled Substances
  • Robbery/Extortion (includes attempts)
  • Property - Damaged
  • Property - Theft
  • Tobacco or Nicotine Product
  • Obscenity
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Disruption/Defiance
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Hate Violence (includes electronic attempts)
  • Threats and Intimidation (includes electronic attempts)
  • Harassment
  • Hazing/Bullying/Birthday Bashing


Parents, students and the community are important and valued partners in school safety, by helping watch for suspicious activity and issues of concern and reporting them promptly. Please report any concerns to Pershing. Reports can also be made anonymously to Campus Crimestoppers at (888) 580-TIPS. We want to hear from you if you have concerns.

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